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WEEE Recycling


This directive sets targets for companies to dispose of IT and electronic equipment in line with the rest to Europe aiming to have around 75% of equipment recycled in the best possible manner.

Extracts follow – please visit the following site for more on the EEC directive info: DTI’s website:

”…priority should be given to the reuse of WEEE and its components, subassemblies and consumables. Where reuse is not preferable, all WEEE collected separately should be sent for recovery, in the course of which a high level of recycling and recovery should be achieved. In addition, producers should be encouraged to integrate recycled material in new equipment.”

“Separate collection of WEEE has to be ensured through appropriate systems, so that users can return their electrical and electronic equipment. In order to ensure improved treatment re-use and recycling of WEEE, producers have to set up appropriate systems. Certain requirements are prescribed as a minimum standard for the treatment of WEEE. Treatment plants must be certified by the Member State. Targets are laid down for the obligation to re-use, recycle WEEE and recover energy thereof.”

“In order to achieve high collection rates and to facilitate recovery of WEEE, users of electrical and electronic equipment must be informed about their role in this system. The proposed Directive contains a labeling requirement for equipment which might easily end up in a dustbin. In addition, it will be necessary for producers to inform recyclers about certain aspects of the content of such equipment.”

Compliance or Environmental and Social Responsibility?

The issue here isn’t just about complying with the WEEE Directive at all, but about responsible disposal all round, irrespective of the timings of the legislation. Few organizations can ignore the growing demand for goods and services to be delivered in a socially and environmentally responsible way. It is especially important for you to show not only awareness of your corporate social responsibility, but what actions you are taking. Recycling IT will give you the documentation to do that.

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