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Recycling of Telecommunications Equipment Middlesbrough

If eWaste, such as Telecommunication Equipment, is disposed of in landfills rather than recycled, harmful compounds may seep into the environment as the garbage decomposes. These chemicals have the potential to damage groundwater, soil, and the food chain. People who come into contact with these poisons are at a significant risk of developing health problems including respiratory issues, reproductive, developmental, and neurological system issues. To avoid this with your telecommunications equipment, contact IT Recycling company today on 01642 685 439 and we will recycle your telecommunications equipment and save you a world of problems.

Having worked in the recycling industry for over 30 years. We specialize in the recycling of electronic devices such as laptops, Cell Phones, and other IT waste in order to lessen the environmental impact of electrical waste.

What is Telecommunications Waste?

Electronic waste, often known as e-waste, is outdated electrical and electronic equipment that has reached the end of its useful life. Nowadays though, an increasing amount of e-waste is no longer regarded to be goods that have failed or become obsolete only. Some are still very much usable. E-waste contains a variety of pollutants that, if not properly disposed of, can pollute the environment and pose health risks. Telecommunication waste makes up part of this waste. Examples of telecommunications waste are:

Computers (desktops, servers) 

– Monitors

– Laptop computers 

– Printers

– Notepads/Notebooks and

– Accessory devices (scanners, modems, keyboards etc.).

Though there are better advances in terms of dealing with e waste, there are still miles to go. The flow of computer equipment in the solid waste stream will require increased attention in the future due to the decreasing lifespan of IT products and their increasing annual sales, resulting in greater annual discards of computer equipment waste. 

Recycling Telecommunications Waste Equipments

Over the past few years, e-waste recycling has grown tremendously. Currently, this industry has the most successful method of preventing e-waste from ending up in landfills or incinerators. Businesses and manufacturers use the recycling sector to recover parts from discarded electronic devices and to recycle them for use in local businesses. E-waste creates a growing business in which hundreds of thousands of people are employed by recycling obsolete devices on a global basis.

At IT Recycling Company, we will collect these items and send them to recycling centres where they will be disassembled into parts, and the ones that still have worth will be sold or donated for reuse. Other pieces are utilized to recover metals and other important raw materials. Everything else in your devices is disposed of in environmentally friendly ways.

There has been a problem with how to properly dispose of used and unwanted electronics since at least the 1970s. However, things have changed a lot since then, especially when it comes to the amount of electronics thrown away now. Please call us today to make sure that your waste disposal methods are compliant. Well also perform a waste audit for you.

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