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Our customized recycling solutions can help you establish a recycling program for your company. Upon your request, we will design a customised paper waste recycling solution that is tailored to your budget and company size anywhere in and around Middlesbrough. You will get a pick-up schedule that’s custom designed to meet your specific needs. Middlesbrough Waste has been in the industry for over thirty years, and we have established ourselves as industry leaders. Call us today on 01642 685 439. 

With all other disposal method costs rising all the time, it makes economic and financial sense to recycle with Middlesbrough whenever possible. We are happy to be a large-scale provider of commercially successful and effective paper waste recycling solutions as well as other waste streams. Just give us a call today, we are here for you.

What is Paper Waste Recycling?

Waste paper recycling involves wasting water and chemicals in the process of breaking down waste paper. The material is then broken up and heated, which causes it to break down even more into cellulose molecules, an organic material; the result is known as pulp. Paper waste recycling was created to be an environmentally friendly solution to paper waste reduction. Alternative paper waste disposal methods have proven to be dire for the environment as well the economy and the overall operation of a company. Hence recycling paper waste is the most desirable method.

The paper recycling industry is well-established and capital-intensive. Companies who recycle other materials may find that paper recycling is a helpful addition to their services. Paper waste recycling also provides potential opportunities for entrepreneurs in the provision of services such as collection, transportation, and sorting. With Middlesbrough Waste, you can demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability while decreasing your waste management costs. All you have to do is give us a buzz.

Why is Paper Recycling Important?

Recycling minimizes the demand for raw materials in the production process, and recycled items often use less water and energy to manufacture than virgin materials. Recycling also lowers littering, pollution of the air and water, and generates both business and work opportunities. Whether you’re a small-scale waste paper producer, such as a publisher, where a single chamber, multi-chamber, or mill-size baler can be easily installed to safely store and bale your paper waste ready for recycling, or a large-scale waste paper producer, recycling will have endless good points for your business. 

Paper recycling can, in fact, generate cash for your company by paying rebates on discarded paper. Paper made from virgin raw materials consumes significantly more energy and water than paper made from recycled materials. When paper is thrown away instead of being recycled, they decay and release methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

Paper Recycling Process

Recycling waste paper begins with a collection and delivery to a recycling facility. It’s pulped in a tank with a variety of chemicals that separate the paper’s fibres. These fibres are treated to remove staples, paperclips, and tape, among other things. The fibres are then placed in a tank to be washed and the ink removed – this process must be repeated numerous times in order for the fibres to become whiter. The pulp is next processed via rollers to remove the majority of the water, after which whitening chemicals are added. The pulp is then dried by passing it through heater rollers to produce a smoother paper. After drying, it’s ready to be finished and used.

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