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Food Waste Management Middlesbrough

Food waste is accumulating at an alarming rate in landfills. It’s a serious problem, but on the plus side, it’s rather simple to solve. There are numerous things that consumers and company owners may take to help reduce carbon footprints. The first step being employing a waste company like Middlesbrough Waste to help you manage your food waste. 

Our solutions are simple and traigtforwad. We also go the extra mile by providing our clients with waste audits, free wheelie bins, delivering them to their premises free of charge, and providing waste transfer notes. To learn more about our services and how we can make them work for you, call us on  01642 685 439.

What is Food Waste Management?

Food waste management has something to do with how the rate at which we create food waste is controlled. It also involves taking certain steps to ensure that the food waste businesses create is not disposed of carelessly. One way to ensure that your company does not fall into the habit of improper food waste disposal is easy, contact us at Middlesbrough Waste. We focus on waste disposal and management for manufacturers, restaurants, and hotels in the food manufacturing and food and beverage industries.If your business creates food waste in any shape of form and you are based in Middlesbrough, you are going to need our services. Call us today.

The food industry produces a lot of waste from packaging and production materials. A recycling program could be an affordable option since landfills are becoming increasingly expensive for disposing of food waste. Not to mention that they are not the best choice if you’re thinking about the environment. Due to our extensive network of clients and experience in the food production business, we understand your needs and can design a customised solution that minimizes waste and keeps your business eco-friendly.

Food Waste Recycling Middlesbrough

Withe Middlesbrough Waste you get a thorough and comprehensive recycling approach that will solve all of your food waste problems and give you a piece of mind. We will come to your location to collect recyclable materials and transport them to the appropriate disposal facility. You won’t even have to worry about sorting through the waste because the professionals will do it for you. You’re partnering with a dependable, cutting-edge service provider when you work with us. Above all, we want to make your life easier by ensuring that waste is handled ethically and efficiently.

There are better ways to recycle food waste other than landfills. One of them is through anaerobic digestion. This method is way better than landfills and has many benefits that do not just end at getting rid of food waste. Anaerobic digestion destroys waste, digests it, and converts it to energy.First, we pick up the food waste from your premises and deliver it to recycling plants.

The recycling facility, the food waste will undergo the sorting process first before it makes its way to anaerobic digesters. This pre-sorting process removes any items that could contaminate the final product, such as plastic packaging. This is followed by feeding the waste into a digestion tank. Natural microorganisms decompose and digest food waste in the digestion tank.

Anaerobic Digestion is merely a means to accelerate disintegration; any food will eventually disintegrate. However, outside the controlled setting of anaerobic digestion tanks, the decomposition will cause more pollution in the atmosphere. Anaerobic digestion also allows us to harvest valuable gas to turn into electricity.

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