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Computer Recycling Services

How Recycling IT can help you:

We offer a safe and secure service to dispose of all your computer equipment in accordance with the “WEEE” directive

Our staff will arrive on site, smart and uniformed pack up your old equipment and remove it very quickly without any fuss. Once back at our workshops, our technicians can data-shred your old hard drives. The reformatting of hard disk drives alone does not totally remove sensitive and confidential data. The data shredding process GUARANTEES TOTAL DATA REMOVAL to dod 5220.22 standard.

This service is obviously attractive for the Police, NHS, Government organizations, Banks, Building Societies, Insurance Companies, and any Company that considers that data retained on Hard Disk Drives may be considered at risk. There is a small charge of £5 per hard drive for this service. After which we will provide you with a certificate of guarantee that the process has been completed and an asset list with serial/asset numbers for your files. The Data Shredding process is much more preferable to simply destroying otherwise serviceable

We pride ourselves on our ongoing training programme which enables us to keep up to date with changes in fashion, style and after care retail products.

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