Your guide to local waste disposal and rubbish removal options

Whether you are a business owner, produce large quantities of waste each year or are just curious about recycling then this guide will help to answer your questions.


With many local authorities in the UK attempting to meet the national target of over 50% of waste being recycled there is now plenty of information around about how to recycle. If you own a domestic property then you will be provided with a recycling bin which usually includes a garden waste compartment or separate bin. You will also get a paper recycling bin which is usually enough to combat some of the junk that comes through your door along with your household waste such as ceral packets etc.

For large quantities of domestic waste you should seek information from your local authorities website on where the nearest tip is, free of charge you can dispose of rubbish which can include fridges, large electrical items, ovens, metals and even duvets. Please be aware though that large vans are classed as commercial vehicles so should you wish to dispose of rubbish via this you will have to pay a commercial fee.

Leave it to experts in rubbish removal

For those commercial owners seeking a hassle free solution then outsourcing all your waste needs to a company can be the best step forward. They will often be able to take away the waste and predict which size containers are needed, some will even be able to help you calculate the amount of waste you will produce and be able to accommodate with a regular package to take care of your needs. From only £100+ VAT this can be outsourced to a rubbish removal company that can also provide good recycling options to make your company appear more green.

Hiring a skip

An option which is good for both commercial and domestic waste users is hiring a skip, you can  get a skip from a local skip hire company either as a one off thing for clearances or you can setup a contract with them as a per job or on a regularly basis. The advantage of hiring a skip is that the company will also usually double up as a waste disposal company and can also dispose of the waste for you, this saves you time and with a clearance time might just be of the essence.

The main disadvantage of hiring a skip can be that you are only allowed to use it for certain waste types, discounts can be given depending on the waste types but many waste companies will not dispose of hazardous materials so it’s best to talk to both them and your local authorities.

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