What can you recycle from your home?

With spring comes the enticement for many to start the traditional spring cleaning. For many people spring cleaning means out with the old and in with the new; which essentially means throwing away everything that is old, or at least unused, in the house. However, this year before tossing everything out for rubbish you might want to take a second look at what can be recycled first.

For example, if you are thinking about residing your home you may be interested to hear that you can actually recycle many of the timber items from your home, so if you are thinking about making any major repairs to the floors or walls of your home you can also recycle the old wood.

If you have the flat roof replaced this spring you can have a company come pick up the old asphalt roofing, because they can be broken down to use as road pothole patches. Any old appliances sitting in your garage that need to be thrown away can also probably be recycled. In fact, many appliances have plumbing, wires, and other items inside of them that can be recycled into new parts.

You may want to take a second look in your garage as well, because there are probably plenty of items sitting around that you can easily recycle before tossing out this year as well. Tyres for example can be given to a charity and ground up for playground bits. Old toys from your children or bicycles can be donated to a charity or at the very least scrapped for the salvageable parts.

Amazingly you can choose to recycle mattresses if you are working on redecorating a bedroom. Or perhaps your children have grown up and moved out and you are looking to get rid of your old child’s bed so that you can have a guest room or office, there are plenty of places that take old mattresses. Some of them will even come out and get the mattress for you making the situation even easier to take care of.

The truth of the matter is that nearly everything in your home can be recycled. The benefit is that you will be helping the environment instead of filling up a landfill, and in some cases may find removal is even easier when someone is willing to come take your items for you. For heavier items, having someone else arrive to carry out large items like a computer desk, large pieces of timber, and furniture items will be a lifesaver.

In some instances you might even get a small kick back from recycling making it an even more enticing choice. Some of the items that have wiring in them or have a great deal of metal such as the plumbing from appliances may actually be worth a small amount depending on where you recycle them. This is just more incentive to take a look at the items that you plan to scrap, and reconsider to see if there is any way to recycle them instead.

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