5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Car

Electric cars are becoming ever more popular in countries across the world, both for their environmental soundness and their financial benefits. With more and more models coming onto the market the choice is getting wider and the market is opening up beyond just those who want to make a difference to the planet. Even if you don’t have a strong desire to soothe your environmental conscience there are some great advantages to running an electric car over a conventional model.

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1. Environmental impact

Obviously one of the main reasons that anyone buys an electric car is because it releases no emissions. Full electric cars don’t have an exhaust or even a petrol tank so they really are completely clean in terms of what they emit. By way of comparison, a conventional car is usually pumping out a whole range of toxic substances, from carbon dioxide to benzene. The effects of these emissions are thought to range from encouraging ozone depletion to contributing to the greenhouse effect and damaging air quality.

2. Maintenance is easy

There’s nothing combustible in a full electric car and far fewer moving parts than you’d find in a petrol or diesel car. There’s also much less movement in an electric car, which means that there will be less wear and tear on the various parts and also less chance of anything going wrong. In terms of ‘filling the car up’ there’s usually no need to drive anywhere to charge the electric car as it can be charged from a domestic electric supply, which makes the electric car a much more convenient option for people with busy lives.

3. Electric cars are much more pleasant to drive

If you are not the kind of person who likes a smooth drive, then electric cars will suit you down to the ground. Electric cars are an almost soundless ride, which is an especially attractive advantage if you’re driving long distances. The small design of many of the models also means that they are much easier to park, which can take a lot of the pressure off the driving experience, particularly in cities where space is at a premium.

4. Electric cars are cheaper

Whilst they might not currently be cheaper to purchase than a conventional car, as the range of vehicles increases it’s likely that these initial costs will come down. Irrespective of this, even though electric cars do have higher purchase costs, they also come with a raft of financial benefits that relate to actually running the car. Especially with the rises in petrol prices, fuel costs are much lower for electric cars than petrol or diesel vehicles, for example the Mitsubishi iMiEV electric car costs just £376 to charge for 12,000 miles of driving. Even the most sensible of driving won’t get you anywhere near that sort of efficiency in a petrol car. There are also a number of very attractive financial incentives on offer, for example in London electric cars don’t attract a congestion charge.

5. Electric cars have energy security

Whilst theories vary about the state of the world petrol supplies, it is generally accepted that they are depleting (which makes sense given that they are a natural resource). Dependency on a fossil fuel like petrol means that as oil reserves are depleted conventional car owners are hostage to rises in oil prices and also to petrol shortage, whereas electric car owners need only a continuing electricity supply. As electricity is a resource humans can generate, the future for fuel availability for the electric car is much more secure than a conventional vehicle.

If you’ve been thinking of buying an electric car these are 5 good reasons to do so. Not matter what your priorities are, whether it’s financial savings, or convenience, the electric car can offer a great way to get what you want, whilst doing your bit for the planet at the same time.

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