Recycling and renewable energy

Many people are inspired to make changes for the better at the beginning of a new year, and one of the most important changes you could make right now is starting to recycle, reuse and renew.

You can conserve both the earth and your own money if you begin to recycle. Even on a small scale, such as recycling plastic water bottles, soda cans and paper, recycling can ensure that less of these materials will have to be produced in the future, which has a three-fold advantage: it conserves the energy that would have been used during the manufacturing process, slows the filling of landfills with trash that won’t break down for decades or even centuries, and prevents the depleting of the earth’s resources.

However, this kind of recycling is only the beginning. If you’re spurred to clear out your home, car or workplace to mentally prepare yourself for year ahead, consider organizing a “swap” meet with your friends and family where you can exchange things like furniture, clothing, and art that you no longer want. Not only will this help you with your new year cleaning but also provide you with new items that you don’t have to pay for. What’s even better is that you’ll be helping people that you know do the exact same thing.

Once you have mastered the art of recycling and reusing, it will be time to consider renewing. More specifically, you should consider using renewable energy as a source for all of your endeavours in 2012. Green renewable energy is power produced from a source like the sun, wind, water or geothermal heat instead of by the process of burning fossil fuels that are harmful to the environment and in finite supply.

One of the most popular renewable projects that many homeowners can begin researching is the installation of solar panels on their home. This is because solar panels can provide you with an energy alternative to paying costly bills from your electricity providers. And since the sun is an infinite resource, you’ll never have to worry about the price of solar energy. Once you cover the initial installation costs, it’s totally free!

However, if you are not financially able to purchase solar panels at the moment, you can still make your home a renewable energy zone. A simple phone call or message to your energy provider can answer any questions you may have about where the company gets its energy. And if your company doesn’t use green energy, it is easy to switch to your choice of any of the renewable energy companies in your area.

These alternatives speak to the creative nature of green living; it is all about identifying challenges and addressing them by thinking outside the box. This creative thinking can take you far in the New Year as you renew everything in your life–your goals, your home, and, hopefully, your energy, too!

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