Welcome to the world of ‘Freecycling’, a new term coined by the burgeoning number of ‘giveaway’ websites, offering people all over the country the chance to discard their unwanted items. The question is why would you use a giveaway site, instead of going to a charity shop, or recycling centre?

The benefits depend on whether you are a giver, or a taker? A giver can save time and sometimes money by listing their items on a giveaway site, and in some cases get rid of items, such as electrical goods, which may not be accepted by other recycling schemes. Many items can be picked up by their recipients too, saving time and money.

Giveaway sites are open to visitors nationwide, and although they all operate slightly differently, when you sign up you will either be searching for items near you, or joining your local ‘group’. Listings are either viewed online, or sent by email, and many local groups on these networks have a community feel, where it’s expected that you’ll offer and request items, and there can be a few rules to follow as well.  The process can be fairly quick and simple, though there are precautions you can take to avoid being swamped with requests and emails, and to make sure your time on the site is safe and hassle free.

It’s not just about the details of being a member of one of these sites though, it’s what you can get out of it, and you’ll probably be surprised at the things that people will list! Furniture, bikes, and garden equipment regularly appear on these sites, along with smaller items like old magazines, DVD’s, and computer games. You could even find items that might help with craft projects, or hobbies you’ve always wanted to take up. Some people have managed to kit out the majority of their house with items from a giveaway site, so they are always worth keeping an eye on.  It’s just expected that all items listed are free, legal, and suitable for all ages.

On this site we give a rundown of some of the key websites in the ‘freecycling’ community, including

  • Freecycle
  • Freegle
  • Ecobees
  • Gumtree
  • SnaffleUp
  • Give or Take

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